Personal Stylist and Colour Analyst

Michelle Wright, AKA Mrs Stylewright - Personal Stylist and Colour Analyst

Rediscover your style

Do you look in the mirror and love the person looking back at you? If the answer is no, we need to talk I’m Michelle, and I help women over 30 to achieve body positivity through Personal Styling and Colour Analysis

Styling Services

I offer a range of styling services, from discovering the colours that make you glow, and finding hidden gems in your current wardrobe, to full-day personal shopping experiences with lunch.

Michelle trying colour swatches against a client's skin during a colour analysis

Know Your Colours

My expert colour analysis will determine which colours you shouldn't be wearing, and which you absolutely should!

from £95

Michelle carrying out a Wardrobe Cleanse at a client's home

Wardrobe Edit

We'll go through your existing wardrobe together and reimagine the many outfits you didn't realise you had.

from £155

Michelle accessorising a client with a belt

Girls' Day Out

Let's hit the shops! During your personal shopping day I'll help you to identify the clothes that suit you, and where to find them.

from £265

Michelle is an amazing, professional, confident and caring stylist.
Michelle's client, Helen