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Autumn/Winter Trends and How to Achieve Them on a Budget

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Autumn/Winter 2022 Trends – and How to Achieve them on a Budget

Who’s ready for some autumn cosiness? But here’s the thing – you do not have to follow the trends. Just because the media says that it’s “on trend” doesn’t not mean that you have to have it, and the chances are that if it’s something that you like then you’ve probably already got something in your wardrobe. With the cost of living rocketing through the roof, most of us are tightening our metaphoric belts but it’s always fun to have something new in our wardrobes, right? Or at least new to you…

So what’s on trend? The good news is that it’s not much different from last year! But here are a few key things and how to achieve them without breaking the bank:-

  • maxis and minis – if your summer skirts and dresses have a dark background print then you can wear them in the winter with a jumper over, tights and boots
  • leather – go for pleather or even coated denim! Who knows the difference? 
  • knits – duh, it’s winter! I’m guessing you have a jumper?
  • colour blocking – it’s just blocks of plain colour next to each other. You can do this by adding a scarf or jacket of a different colour
  • green – if you like green you’ve probably already got some in your wardrobe so dig it out. If you’re not a big fan, use it as an accent colour with accessories, scarves etc 
  • fuchsia pink – as above
  • corset belts – read belts. You can buy amazing belts really cheaply in charity shops or on preloved sites such as vinted. Remember, as with all trends, it may not be for you. Belts can be tricky, and if you’re not keen on your middle area a belt will draw attention to it. 

Before you go out shopping think carefully about what you want to buy, consider what will work hardest in your wardrobe. Sometimes it’s about investing your time rather than your hard earned cash. Always check the back of your wardrobe, or that charity bag that you haven’t dropped off yet. Alternatively, can you repurpose what you already have? Can you get it altered or dye it? Shopping in charity shops is a really fun way of updating your wardrobe, or look out for clothes swap events in your area (watch out for details of my Swish event in November!)

In essence, you can keep up with trends without having to splash the cash.

Have fun!

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