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Various objects to represent the different body shapes

Choosing a mini skirt to suit your body shape

Do you wear mini skirts? If not, why? There's a mini skirt for every body shape - it's time to wear one and embrace it.

Will you rock a mini skirt after reading this?

It’s back! Before you all run off in horror, let’s take a moment to consider the options. You can embrace the mini skirt trend or you can do your own thing, it’s your choice, just because a magazine says it, it doesn’t mean you to have to, there are no rules, but here’s the thing – you can.

Choosing the best mini skirt for your body shape

So, body shape. A much bigger subject than one little blog post will allow so this is a general overview:


If you’re an apple shape, you generally:

  • carry weight around your middle
  • have small – medium sized boobs
  • great legs
  • good arms

The ideal mini for you is a shift dress. It softly skims over your middle showing off your best assets.


Pear shaped? You’ll find you have:

  • weight on your bottom half
  • small waist
  • narrow shoulders

You may find the mini skirt a difficult trend to embrace but there is no reason why you can’t rock one.

Avoid floaty fabrics, instead, go for sturdy, thicker fabrics such as denim or twill as these will encase and flatter your curves, and avoid the butt skimmers, go for something just above the knee.


If you’re strawberry shaped, your curves are at the top. You’ll have:

  • wider shoulders
  • large bust
  • not much waist
  • narrow hips
  • flat bottom
  • great legs

Choose a fuller skirt or A-line to balance your top and bottom halves.


For hourglass shaped ladies, you’ll have:

  • small waist
  • bigger hips
  • bust in proportion

A wrap mini tea dress that draws attention to your waist is perfect for you, or a bandeau fitted skirt or dress if you want to emphasise your curves.


If you have a slim/athletic build you’ll have:

  • small boobs
  • narrow hips
  • not much waist

You’ll find you can wear pretty much any type of skirt, however, may want to add curve with a fuller skirt or pleats. 

However, we are all individuals and don’t fit neatly into boxes, therefore have your own unique shape.

If you’d like a little advice, please get in touch, or take a look at my styling services.

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