Personal Stylist and Colour Analyst

When you’re feeling hot……

Dressing for summer is a minefield of sweat and suntan lotion and negotiating your way through without melting into your havaianas is not for the faint-hearted.

So, what should we wear in the heat? Well, you know me, anything you like but these are my hints and tips to looking fabulous:


  • Wear the damn shorts!! Don’t overheat in your long trousers because you fear the sight, your thighs – have a read of my shorts blog for inspiration.
  • Know your fabrics – for me I know that polyester, heat and me results in a sweaty mess so I choose natural fibres like cotton, viscose and linen in the summer. I keep things as loose as possible, anything that clings shows up sweat patches.
  • Think about colours. I love black in the summer! However, it isn’t the most sensible choice as it absorbs the heat, so I usually stick to black or darker colours on cooler days or in the evening. White reflects the light, so should keep you cooler.
  • The most important thing you can wear is SPF!! Also wear a hat, it will shade your face and stop the wrinkles.
  • Take the opportunity to embrace colour and print. You will not stand out as much in the summer because you are surrounded by colour – the blue sky, green grass, yellow sun and multicoloured flowers – Summer lends itself to beautiful brights and soft pastels.
  • If you don’t like your upper arms stick to a short sleeve and keep it loose. Personally, I love a kimono in a breathable fabric to chuck on over a vest top. Bardot styles are great for covering your upper arms and drawing attention away. Linen shirts are brilliant at keeping you cool but covered – roll up the sleeves, wear open over a vest top or tucked into a pair of denim shorts.


I hope that gives you a bit of inspiration! Enjoy the sunshine everyone!