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Multicoloured sequins

Don’t Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

Wearing sparkles can brighten your mood, and the mood of others around you. So why just wear them at Christmas?

Sparkles aren't just for Christmas

Just like a puppy, sequins and sparkle are definitely not just for Christmas, why would you restrict such joy to one month of the year? Sequins will adorn the shops as soon as the kids go back to school in September then in the sale in January, so basically why not wear them through Autumn and Winter, heck lets continue through to Spring – and just like that we’re wearing them all year round!

Why are we attracted to sparkle?

Who doesn’t smile when they see something shiny – but why are we attracted to sparkle? 

Well, a human’s interest in all thing’s glittery stems from the instinct to find water sources that are vital to survival, therefore sequins are an innate need and vital to existence – seriously! It’s also the association with parties, diamonds, fizz, and affluence, however, can too much bling be too much? Each to their own but for me, yes, I think so. 

I would stick to one item of clothing or bling up an outfit with sparkly shoes or accessories or if you want a subtler look go for sparkly makeup. And sequins are also not just for parties! Why not wear daytime sparkles? Make the weekly shop or the school run a little brighter, sequins with an oversize jumper or simple tee shirt is a fab look!

Style tip!

Check your sparkles before you buy, give it a good shake – you don’t want to leave a sparkly trail or hoover up sequins for evermore.

Sparkles and sequins can lift your mood

Sparkle is not just a feast for the eyes but a feast for the soul. Sequins literally lift the mood if you’re wearing them and if you see them – they always bring a smile and a wow factor. Worn next to your face the light reflects back helping colours, such as black, that may not be in your colour palette, easier to wear – perfect for the party season. And remember, check your sparkles before you buy, give it a good shake – you don’t want to leave a sparkly trail or hoover up sequins for evermore.

If sparkles really aren't your thing

However, if all things glittery and shiny aren’t your thing, that’s ok too. As an alternative think about the texture of your clothes. Velvet, satin and silky fabrics add a touch of luxury, leather (real or faux) gives a bit of sexy edge or boucle and corduroy add wintery cosiness. And all look great with sequins, just saying! So don’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter, your sparkle will bring joy – we are all stars who deserve to shine.

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