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Hot Hot Hot

I fear that as I write this on the hottest day of the year so far that this will be the kiss of death and this is it, summer done! But, I’m going ahead anyway…


What should we wear in the heat? Well, you know me, anything you like but these are my hints and tips. For a start wear the damn shorts!! Don’t overheat in your long trousers because you fear the sight, or someone else’s sight, of your thighs. If your thighs are bigger than you would like go for a longer, floatier style. Choose wider leg openings that will slim your legs down, and if your legs are on the skinnier side try a more fitted option.


Know your fabrics – for me I know that polyester, heat and me results in a sweaty mess so I choose natural fibres like cotton, viscose and linen in the summer. I keep things as loose as possible, anything that clings tends to show up sweat patches.


Think about colours. I love black in the summer! However, it isn’t the most sensible choice as it absorbs the heat, so I usually stick to black or darker colours on cooler days or in the evening. White reflects the light, so should keep you cooler.


Not wanting to sound like a sun bore but the most important thing you can wear is SPF!! It is guaranteed that tomorrow will see plenty of sore red patches – don’t be that person! My daughter is that person today after revising in the garden yesterday. Also wear a hat, it will shade your face and stop the wrinkles. I love a big floppy sunhat but they’re not the most practical so I’m on the hunt for a baseball cap that actually suits me – unicorn poo!


Take the opportunity to embrace colour and print. You will not stand out as much in the summer because you are surrounded by colour – the blue sky, green grass, yellow sun and multicoloured flowers. In the winter a bright red or yellow stands out against the grey skies but summer lends itself to beautiful brights and soft pastels.


If you don’t like your upper arms stick to a short sleeve, if you feel that it’s too hot, try a sheer fabric. Personally, I love a kimono in a breathable fabric to chuck on over a vest top. Bardot styles are great for covering your upper arms and drawing attention away. Linen shirts are brilliant at keeping you cool but covered – roll up the sleeves, wear open over a vest top or tucked into a pair of denim shorts.


I hope that gives you a bit of inspiration! Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

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